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Master Boxing Trainer Secrets: "The Unique Collection"

UNIQUE BOXING DVD 1: Pro Advanced Technical Padwork Edition 2

On this DVD you will learn and see the professional coach taking the boxer through the different combinations, dictating the pace and testing the fighter's fitness level.

Speed, power, timing and accuracy. This DVD will definitely take you to the next level in your boxing skills.

UNIQUE BOXING DVD 2: Xtreme Medicine Ball & Hardcore Abs Exercises

In this DVD you will learn, from a master medicine ball trainer, all types of punishing medicine ball exercises and extreme drills with the medicine ball.

Here's how to get those ripped six pack abs like steel, and the rock hard upper body in only 15 minutes a day.

UNIQUE BOXING DVD 3: Boxing Corner Cutsman

This DVD shows you how to treat and deal with a boxer's cut eye during a boxing bout. It also shows you how to corner your boxer/fighter correctly between rounds.

How to bandage a boxer's hands correctly and how to remove them safely.

From the boxers point of view, how you should be cornered correctly.


Controlled Sparring allows you to work on new techniques.

Sparring is not fighting. Sparring is to develop skills, NOT to determine a winner.

In this Pro DVD you will learn the importance of conditioned technique and open sparring.

This DVD Delivers Everything!


For Men, Women & Juniors

Boxercise is the best stress buster around. In this DVD you will learn the amazing ladder workout, plus how to use the kettle bells and batter ropes efficiently. Boxercise is fun, energetic and addictive.

Correct technique takes practice and good instruction. This DVD takes Boxercise to the next level.